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Case Studies
ProGroup helps companies build bridges across differences, so that customers and personnel alike are treated with appreciation and respect. Here we've included recent examples of how we accomplish this.
General Mills logo
General Mills
INDUSTRY: Retail/Food/Consumer Goods
EMPLOYEES: 25,000+
Retention and 'The Pipeline'
General Mills needed to improve their retention and were committed to take the next steps toward true inclusion among their leadership.
Unique Employee Training From Top Down
ProGroup designs an employee diversity program for a very large client with a unique organizational culture.
Baseline Diversity Program
ProGroup designs a baseline diversity education program for a large department store corporation.
Customized Training Program Start to Finish
ProGroup completes full needs assessment to customize training program to best meet the unique needs of the client.
ProGroup Resuscitates a Dying Task Force
ProGroup is brought onboard to help a company bring diversity into the forefront of its culture.
Our Business Solution for Saks
Saks Fifth Avenue increases sales by $1 million as a result of ProGroup's training program.
Merger Necessitates Audit
Aerospace company undergoes cultural audit and as a result a customized training program is created to meet their needs.
Insurance Company Gets Help with Mentoring Program
Through assessments, activities, and training, a company's mentoring problems are solved.
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