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Diversity Terms & Definitions
Appreciation of Diversity
You see others differences as positives and you consider them to be smart, talented, or possessing traits, skills, or attitudes you value. In the workplace, you enjoy being around these people. In fact, you choose to be around them.
Aware of biases and prejudices but does nothing and plays it safe. Tolerates unjust behavior.
An informal talk with somebody about everyday matters, opinions, curiosities and concerns conducted in a manner where two-way learning will occur.
Shared beliefs, attitudes, values and norms for interacting by a group of people. This "mental programming" provides us a framework and rules for interaction.
The differences that make us unique.
Diversity Change Agent
Acts as a role model. Takes action when appropriate and addresses behaviors when important. Takes risks.
A significant connection between two or more individuals that is based on how they feel toward each other and ultimately on how they interact.
Attacks all negative or inappropriate actions and confronts all behaviors. Always on lookout for injustice.
Employees feel part of the company's success. They feel valued by managers, team members and co-workers for their talents, skills and abilities. They are included in formal and informal work-related networks.
Acts with no knowledge or awareness of biases and prejudices and their impact.
Aware of biases and prejudices but continues behaviors and reinforces and rewards bigotry.
The act of preferring and the state of being preferred. The power or opportunity of choosing (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).
A right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor (Merriam-Webster Dictionary).
Repulsion for Diversity
People who are different from you are different in ways that are not normal. You believe they do not belong in your workplace, and you do not want them as clients. Working or coming in contact with them causes you a lot of discomfort.
Tolerance for Diversity
People who are different from you don't make you feel completely comfortable. You believe they have a right to be treated respectfully, but, if you had your choice, you would not have them as colleagues or clients.
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