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Strategic Diversity Planning - ProGroup starts with your company's business goals and then links diversity to the bottom line.
Diversity Training - ProGroup offers breakthrough Diversity Training programs that result in behavioral change.
Diversity Council Orientation and Consulting - Our diversity council orientation and consulting services empower councils to do their job.
Cultural Audits - ProGroup creates and administers data-gathering tools that yield valuable information about the work environment.
Diversity Consulting - ProGroup diversity consulting brings extensive experience to address your company's diverse consulting needs.
High Potential Managers - A management training workshop that can draw top performance from your managers who show high potential.
Team Building - ProGroup's team building session will help a work group develop into a high performance team.
Managing Customer Service - Helps managers improve the level of customer service in their organizations.
Communication Style - Participants develop individual action plans to build on the strengths of their communication style.
Effective Listening - Effective listening is extremely important for administrative and office support staff.
Creative Problem Solving - Make your employees successful at identifying problems and the steps to solve them in a creative fashion.
Inclusive Workplace - Build and sustain an inclusive workplace with ProGroup training.
Cultural Competency - Cultural competency training can ensure that participants develop an understanding of what cultural competency is.
Diversity Inititiative - A diversity initiative is a vital step in managing a diverse workforce and aligning your strategic goal.
Diversity Education - Diversity Education at ProGroup is not a single "one-size-fits-all" education.
Diversity at Work - Diversity at work is increasingly important to ProGroup's clients and potential clients.
Corporate Diversity - Corporate diversity is part of strategic initiatives and global strategies at corporations worldwide.
Diversity Dialogues - Meaningful diversity dialogues are very important in the classroom setting. Learn how ProGroup helps facilitate these dialogues.
Diversity Elearning - Diversity elearning can cut training time and resources, while delivering high impact learning to your employees.
Custom Diversity Training - Custom diversity training designed by ProGroup employs a process that has worked time and again over the past 19 years.
Diversity Advice - Diversity Advice provided by ProGroup consultants can positively impact your bottom line.
Diversity Classes - Diversity Classes are an essential part of ProGroup's diversity training programs.
Diverse Customers - Diverse customers account for an ever-increasing segment of our clients' profits.
Customized Diversity Training - Customized diversity training is an area of diversity training where ProGroup really shines.
Diversity Training - ProGroups unique, innovative approach to Diversity Training.
Diversity Theater - The interactive diversity theater learning group has been seen by thousands of participants.
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