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Standard Performance: Action Lessons
Entertaining and filled with both drama and humor, "Action Lessons" strikes at the heart of most organizations' diversity-related workplace issues. Dedicated to deepening awareness, understanding, and acceptance of differences through theater and facilitated discussion, Players' talented actors dramatize common challenges. Our skilled facilitator works with your audience to expand understanding and analyze events as they unfold. This performance clearly demonstrates the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's changing world by allowing viewers to observe and apply.

LENGTH: 90–120 minutes

MATERIALS: Performance worksheet and takeaway pocket cards featuring the models taught in the performance

To deepen awareness and cultural understanding
To provide new tools and skills
To help participants cope more successfully with diversity challenges
To prepare participants to act as Change Agents
"Action Lessons" includes a number of potent scenes that land many important lessons. These include:

The Business Case
Explains the connection between diversity and the bottom line.

Scene 1: "Is he going to be there?" a.k.a. Shakespeare Guy
Depicts bias in action and its impact from the perspective of the individual.

Facilitator Transition
Facilitator talks about who gets discounted in your organization.

Scene 2: Bias Zone
Explores where bias comes from and how it affects decision making, promotions, etc.

Facilitator Transition
Facilitator discusses the Awareness Spectrum™ and distributes takeaway cards with definitions.

Scene 3: Awareness Spectrum
Actors demonstrate the different points on the Awareness Spectrum.

Facilitator Transition
Facilitator discusses how you approach people depending on where they are on the Awareness Spectrum.

Scene 4: Change Agent Duo
Introduction to Check, Check, Double-Check™ model, a skill tool for acting as a Change Agent.

Scene 5: Talk Show – Becoming a Change Agent
Audience watches scenes where individuals are naive, a perpetuator, an avoider, or a fighter.

Facilitator instructs them to use the Check, Check, Double-Check model to determine what a Change Agent would do in these situations.

Audience members work in groups of four to six to determine positive solutions to the situation.

Actors apply audience suggestions to resolve the situation with the facilitator's coaching.

Call to Action
Recaps, reinforces models used and skills developed, and asks "What will you do?"
Action Lessons works!
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