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Custom Performance
Hit home even harder with custom scripts
ProGroup Players' in-house staff of skilled writers and facilitators can tailor a performance/learning forum to the exact needs of your organization. Using ProGroup's established "Issues Development Process," your customized script will reflect your company's needs, language, idiosyncrasies, people, and buzz words.

When to consider customization:
To highlight issues important to your organization not directly covered by the standard scripts
To better reflect your organization's culture
To create an additional scene or role-play for your organization
To build a script around your event, product kickoff, or initiative
To address specific audiences, such as executives, salespeople, and vendors
Customization examples:
Banking client: Special scenes and language were added reflecting the industry, specific client issues, and divisions within the organization
Healthcare products company: A custom script was created for a special event relating to major structural change focusing on handling and managing change
Bakery company: Language was recast to reflect the bakery environment; costumes included uniforms representing various levels within the organization
The cost of developing an original script for your organization is based on several factors:
Extent of customization
Length of performance (most performance forums are two hours in length)
Degree of data gathering required, including focus groups, interviews, and research
Ask us for an estimate based on your needs.

For information, call us at 800-651-4093 or 612-379-7223, or look for us on the web at www.progroupplayers.com
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