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Full Cultural Audit
Every organization is unique, and the intricacies of organizational culture are clarified through a customized cultural audit process. Information- gathering steps minimally include an employee survey and focus groups. The data-gathering process will be designed to provide insights into the assumptions and values that drive decisions and actions within your organization. An analysis of both quantitative details and anecdotal, or qualitative, information is also provided to expand the understanding of the values and drivers of the organization. This process will clarify which groups are included, valued, and respected in the organization and what differences make a difference.

Please note: Additional data-gathering steps could include a document review, comparative industry research, a business practices audit, or interviews with selected individuals.

Manager and Director Surveys
Using ProGroup's statistically validated core survey as its basis, ProGroup will work with your team to finalize the survey instrument. This will usually be a census, or 100% population survey.

Survey tools usually have standard items rated on a five-point scale.
Surveys also include one or more standard open-ended question(s)
Surveys can be in language(s) of your choice.
One electronic data report with up to 12 cuts of data will be produced.

Employee Focus Groups
Employee focus groups are an excellent complement and follow-up to the survey process. A ProGroup consultant conducts a series of one-hour-and-fifteen-minute discussions with eight to ten employees who represent a cross-section of the organization.

ProGroup recommends focus groups comprising homogenous employee groupings at geographically diverse locations. Focus groups would be facilitated by ProGroup with groups, such as:
Hispanic/Latino employees of various levels
African American employees of various levels
Caucasian employees of various levels
Employees with up to one year of tenure
Employees with over one year of tenure
Those for whom English is a second language
We often recommend other groups according to your needs as an organization.

Acting as an objective third-party collector of information, ProGroup typically asks questions about the organizational environment, what employees do and do not like about their jobs, morale, management, and organizational changes. We will work with your team to develop the focus group questions in advance. In addition, we will assist your team in establishing the criteria for selection of participants, scheduling, invitations, and management of the on-site focus group process.

Please note: ProGroup has worked with a variety of industries and we recognize that focus groups may need to be scheduled in a flexible manner to accommodate schedules and high-volume periods.

Data Analysis and Summary Report
Once the data gathering is completed, the ProGroup team will review the information from the survey and focus groups for themes about the organization's strengths and challenges as they relate to diversity. ProGroup will highlight these themes as well as recommendations for the organization to consider as a strategic plan is developed or refined in a Cultural Audit report. The final report will include a thorough account of findings including data reports, summary of themes, and results from all data and recommendations collected as well as a brief executive summary for distribution to a broader audience.

Please note: If a participant has shared information suggesting that there may be a potential legal exposure to your organization, it will be passed along to the lead contact person immediately. ProGroup will not wait to report potential exposure through the analysis and summary report writing process.
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