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About Players
Theater that enriches your ability to manage the challenges of today's workplace.

Using drama and incisive wit, ProGroup Players brings difficult situations to life, giving participants genuine ideas for addressing and solving ongoing workplace issues. Each performance is interactive, led by a senior ProGroup facilitator who elicits shared views and concerns through discussions after each scene.

An unforgettable experience for up to 400 participants per day at your selected location.
Drawing on ProGroup's 20 years of content expertise, Players incorporates the energy and delight of live theater to:
Deepen awareness and cultural understanding
Deliver new tools and skills to help you cope successfully with diversity challenges
Prepare participants to act as Change Agents
You can choose from existing scripts, customized with a case study for your organization, or have an original script created for your company. Add this unique theater learning forum to your corporate events:
Diversity initiatives and kickoffs
Culture changes
Mentoring programs
Skill training
Awareness building
Annual meetings
Employee orientations
Product or new initiatives and kickoffs
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