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General Training Programs
Training Programs
Communication Style—Participants identify both their own behavioral styles and those of others using a well-known assessment tool. Based on this information, they develop individual action plans to build on their strengths and modify the behaviors that may cause them difficulty.

Conflict Management—In this program, participants will learn that dealing with conflict involves three sides of the triangle: dealing with your emotions, handling the other person's emotions, and resolving the situation that originally caused the conflict. Participants learn to handle emotions and deal with situations to reach win-win resolutions. The goal of this session is to teach people that they can get the right result and preserve the relationship.

Dealing with Change—Helping participants to recognize that change is part of life and that the only thing they can control in this ever-changing world is how they view it and handle it, participants will complete a self-assessment on how they view change. They will then identify ways in which their perception of change is causing them stress and learn better ways to view and deal with the changes that are and will continue to happen in their lives.

Effective Coaching for Managers and Supervisors—Providing hands-on learning for managers and supervisors, participants learn a five step coaching process during the first half of the program, and see it applied to typical coaching challenges that may occur in their organization. In the second half of the program, participants will role play and apply the coaching process to their real life situations. As they do, they will receive feedback to build their coaching skills. Participants will leave with a coaching plan for each employee they manage or supervise.

Enhancing Supervisory Skills—This program lays the groundwork for a series on managing effectively and providing participants with new insights about their role and impact as supervisors. It is the supervisor's responsibility to create an atmosphere where employees feel valued and are contributing to the organization to the full extent of their skills and abilities. They learn the importance of managing with an eye on both the task and relationship sides of the job.

High Potential Managers—"Beyond the basics" is for seasoned and high potential managers seeking a significant managerial growth experience and wanting feedback and in-depth perspective. Participants find real value and excellent return on investment as they build on all previous management experience and learning with real-world content and a solid research base. Each manager will receive an extensive assessment of his or her competencies, motivation, and organizational climate. The data will be interpreted, analyzed, and prioritized during the course of the program, culminating in a detailed action plan for professional growth and change.

Team Building—Presents skills to increase the cohesiveness, effectiveness, and productivity of work groups to become high performance teams committed to common objectives, while encouraging individuals to use their unique talents to enrich their team's capabilities.
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