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ProGroup is an acknowledged source for insight on diversity and inclusion issues. Here we highlight occasions when ProGroup makes the news or is called on to keep journalists and media outlets up to date.
in the news
04/03/06 - Women in Business, Michelle Kibiger
Women Changemakers
Karen Stinson appeared in this short profile in Women in Business.
in the news
08/15/04 - The New York Times, Eilene Zimmerman
The Many Delicate Issues of Spirituality in the Office
With Americans spending so much time on the job, some of them are finding ways to bring spirtuality to the office.
in the news
12/15/03 - Kansas City Star
The December Dilemma: As America's workplace diversifies planning celebrations grows more complex
ProGroup offers tips for managing seasonal celebrations in the workplace.
in the news
12/07/03 - Chicago Tribune, Katherine R Lewis
Avoid holiday pitfalls in office party plans
ProGroup's Karen Stinson comments on how a well-planned holiday party can unite a workplace, while a badly executed affair risks alienating employees.
in the news
09/23/03 - Chicago Tribune, Brenda McCarthy
A weighty battle in the workplace
While more employers are being sued for size discrimination, obesity claims are tough to prove and tougher to win. ProGroup's Ann Johnston chimes in on the issues.
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