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Customized Diversity Training
Customized Diversity Training

Customized diversity training is an area of diversity training where ProGroup really shines. ProGroup prides itself on multi-faceted and highly customized diversity training. We show clients how to leverage diversity to better serve customers and enter new or existing markets in the U.S. and around the world. ProGroup's customized diversity training uses cultural audits to get at sensitive diversity issues that most employee surveys miss. We facilitate organization-wide customized diversity training for tens of thousands of employees and programs specifically geared to executive management diversity training, sales force diversity training, customer service diversity training, and human resources diversity training, among other specific targets.

ProGroup is involved in developing effective customized diversity training and mentoring programs that bridge differences, facilitating leadership alignment sessions, and assisting in the creation of diversity councils and community outreach programs. We even help organizations deal with cultural differences when a company merges and corporate cultures collide.

One of ProGroup's key strengths compared to our competitors is our ability to create customized diversity training that consistently anticipates innovative and new approaches, tools, and models to meet client needs.

ProGroup was one of the first diversity consulting firms to reinforce client organizations' diversity initiatives by developing and using customized diversity training products. Examples include our award-winning Honoring Differences ® Diversity Calendar, Desktop Diversity ™, and Everyday Diversity ™, all of which can be geared to the customer. Further customized diversity training that addresses directly the concerns of your organization are available through our own theatre group, ProGroup Players, delivering innovative drama-learning to organizations throughout the United States.

A customized diversity training tool or group of tools speaks volumes to your employees, highlighting the firmness of your company's commitment to diversity and continued improvement.
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