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Custom Diversity Training
Custom Diversity Training

Custom diversity training designed by ProGroup employs a process that has worked time and again over the past 19 years. We built our reputation in the diversity industry on the design of excellent custom diversity training. We offer you the latest research, combined with models and exercises that have been nationally recognized as outstanding diversity learning tools.

Change is key to ProGroup's custom diversity training approach. One powerful tool ProGroup brings to any custom diversity training we perform for our clients is awareness that once we begin to collaborate with you and determine the final design, things may change.

Here is a sample of a custom diversity training process:

Custom Diversity Training RESEARCH
To create an effective custom diversity training design, ProGroup uses focus groups to gather information to understand the real experience of the participants and their work environment.

Custom Diversity Training DESIGN

Once we have obtained a good understanding of your situation, our team will design a custom diversity training framework to specifically meet your objectives and with flexibility for local delivery at your locations. You will observe that any ProGroup custom diversity training program is heavily skill-based.

Custom Diversity Training PILOT AND IMPLEMENTATION
Pilots are critical to ensure that the custom diversity training design is as effective as possible in each office location or country (if global custom diversity training is needed).

Custom Diversity Training FEEDBACK AND FINE TUNING
One benefit of custom diversity training is the possibility of "fine tuning" based on feedback from the pilot participants. All of your custom diversity training materials will be finalized, and if necessary (for a global custom diversity training program) translated into appropriate local language(s).
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