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Diversity Education
ProGroup's Approach to Diversity Education:

Diversity Education at ProGroup is not a single "one-size-fits-all" education. Diversity education that works depends on the organization, its history, issues, business objectives, previous diversity education, time availability, and challenges being experienced by the target group.

After a brief conversation with key players at your organization, ProGroup's diversity consultants put together a diversity education approach with several components. Complete diversity education programs include a diversity self-assessment prior to attending the course, a classroom component, including an introduction by an internal diversity leader, and a twelve-month subscription to our online resource, Desktop Diversity™.

ProGroup's diversity consultants create diversity education programs that understand your established diversity training objectives and provide real diversity skills for all participants.

What should diversity education do?

1. Diversity education will support your diversity goals as an organization.
2. Diversity education will help employees understand the changing U.S. and customer demographics.
3. Diversity education will help your organization grasp how an diverse and inclusive environment is related to recruiting and retention.
4. Diversity education helps you recognize and embrace differences as well as biases and unintentional intolerance.
5. Diversity education gives practical diversity tools and diversity methods to manage a diverse workforce beyond generation, gender, race, etc.

If you choose ProGroup to partner with you in creating diversity education programs, the design will be customized based on input interviews with key internal people responsible for the education of your managers and employees. The structure and content of our design will provide a sample of our approach to developing a customized diversity education process.
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