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Diversity Inititiative
Diversity Inititiative

A Diversity Initiative is a Necessity
A diversity initiative is a vital step in managing a diverse workforce and aligning your strategic goal, even if cultural awareness is already an element of your orientation or training programs. A diversity initiative represents a strategic move that takes your organization above and beyond effective management skills.

Diversity Initiative and Strategic Goals
A diversity initiative should connect with all levels and directions of your business. The strategic approach to diversity initiative design that ProGroup outlines connects to executives, will build your managers' diversity awareness, and give skills to employees of all backgrounds.

Creating a Diversity Initiative
ProGroup will design a diversity initiative that establishes a clear understanding of the value you place on diversity and inclusion.

As your diversity initiative consultants, ProGroup will work with you to create a diversity initiative that integrates into your programs appropriately. We are convinced that our clients will want to view diversity initiatives as more than an "event," but rather a business imperative embedded into your practices.

We will also review your existing training materials to incorporate them into a diversity initiative. Sometimes this requires simple modifications and, in other instances, may require a redesign of a particular training segment.

We realize that only so much can be learned in single training sessions, so our approach includes tools that make ongoing connection to your diversity initiative. A good diversity initiative should make resources available to your managers, human resources professionals, and diversity change agents to refresh and remind them of the strategic value of a diversity initiative.
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