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Cultural Competency
Cultural Competency

Cultural competency training can ensure that participants develop an understanding of what cultural competency is and isn't. Here is a glimpse of a sample curriculum for cultural competency training that uses a combination of electronic assessment for Cultural Competency and other tools:

Part One: Cultural Competency Definition and Business Case

Define cultural competency and the dimensions of differences that impact interactions.

Illustrate the impact cultural differences have on sales and customer service through real-life examples.

Determine what cultural competency IS and is NOT through an interactive game that will include elements such as the ability to apply awareness, skills tools, and resources to help you increase sales and improve customer service vs. EEO or a federally mandated program.

Part Two: AM I READY? Cultural Competency Foundations Assessment

Cultural competency training participants will link to an electronic self-assessment to gain an understanding of their own baseline cultural competency. The completion time for this electronic assessment is typically 20 minutes and the results are an immediate look at a person's own cultural competency.

Part Three: Customer-Focused Cultural Competency

Once the self-assessment is completed, participants:

Use the e-tool to read a short case study where cultural competency had an impact on interactions with customers or coworkers.

Describe a specific situation where they think cultural competency impacted their ability to sell or service a customer. This will be their Personal Cultural Competency Case Study.

Print their Personal Cultural Competency Case Study for use in the Cultural Competency training program.

Complete the day with cultural competency skills training, including practice and constructive role play.

By the end of the day, participants will have the greater cultural competency they need to resolve problems or improve customer service and win opportunities.

ProGroup takes pride in our ability to partner with our clients to create and deliver total solutions specific to our clients' needs. Our goal is to not only meet, but to exceed your expectations in helping customers expand their cultural competency in order to increase sales and be more effective.
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