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Creative Problem Solving
Creative Problem Solving Training
Creative Problem Solving training from ProGroup seeks to make your employees successful at identifying problems and the steps to solve them in a creative fashion.

Creative Problem Solving: New Steps
The creative problem solving process invites participants to take new steps toward problem solving.

Creative Problem Solving: Personal Creativity
Creative problem solving sessions from ProGroup help participants to combine their personal creativity with the knowledge and experience they have to find better, creative solutions to solve problems.

Creative Problem Solving: Course Goals
Participants completing the creative problem solving program will be able to:
- Recognize the value of having a method for creative problem solving and to make decisions.
- Apply a five-step model for creative problem solving and decision making.
- Apply this creative problem solving process to their personal and organization challenges.
- Use creative problem solving to acquire more effective short and long term solutions to their problems.
- Develop a creative problem solving action plan.
- Commit to modifying behaviors in order to carry out a creative problem solving plan within your organization.
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