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Effective Listening
Effective Listening

Effective Listening in the Office
Effective listening is extremely important for administrative and office support staff. The office staff interacts with more people about more subjects than anyone else, making effective listening a necessity.

Effective Listening: Information Conduits
Because administrative and office support staff are the conduits through which important information flows, effective listening is key. In order to keep the office running smoothly, they must practice effective listening.

Effective Listening Techniques and Skills
Tailored case studies and role playing provide practice and feedback while developing new effective listening techniques and skills.

Effective Listening Program Participants will learn to:
- Understand the importance of effective listening.
- Identify their listening styles and determine the positive and negative aspects of those styles and use them to build an effective listening style.
- Use effective listening to modify their styles depending on the situations and other's perceptions of them.
- Recognize what stops them from effective listening and overcome those barriers
- Use effective listening to be active listeners; using empathy, feedback, questioning and other skills.
- Use feedback on themselves to become more effective listeners.
- Develop effective listening action plans for the future.
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