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Communication Style
Communication Style

Communication Style Seminar
In ProGroup's Communication Style seminar, an assessment tool is used to help participants identify their own communication style, behavioral style and the communication style of others.

Communication Style: Building on Strengths
Based on information learned during the communication style seminar, participants develop individual action plans to build on the strengths of their communication style.

Communication Style: Modifying Behaviors
Participants in the communication style seminar learn to modify the behaviors of their communication style which cause them difficulty.

Communication Style: Communication Skills Learned
- Identify the four basic communication styles.
- Identify their own comfortable communication style, its strengths and areas for improvement
- Identify the communication styles of others such as those of managers, peers and subordinates.
- Modify their communication style to enable them to work more effectively with other.
- Apply communication style strategies for developing collaborative working relationships.
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