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Cultural Audits
A quick, efficient, and affordable way to produce the information you need.

Typically, a diversity initiative requires an understanding of an organization's culture as it relates to business goals. ProGroup creates and administers data-gathering tools that yield valuable information about the work environment and the readiness of the culture to move forward with a diversity initiative.

We offer
- Expertise – We know the questions that need to be asked.
- Project Management – We assure that your assessment project proceeds smoothly.
- Security – Your assessment is protected.
- Affordability – Our powerful electronic tools deliver incredible results while remaining the most competitively priced in the market.
- Presentation of Data – We prepare and present instructive reports with key findings and recommendations for next steps.

Whether the methodology includes interviews, focus groups, and/or our exciting electronic tools, ProGroup makes the assessment a painless process.

ProGroup's methodology includes:
- Interviews with senior leaders and stakeholders to learn their perspectives and desired outcomes;
- Focus Groups with employees, managers, and/or customers to learn about their experiences with the company and to gather examples;
- Surveys administered either with paper or with telephone or web-based applications to identify trends and isolate key issues.
- Instructive Reports, including recommendations for next steps to put the data to work.

The data from these tools are compiled and presented to key decision makers and leaders. Our recommendations address the key findings and your overall diversity objectives.
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