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Diversity Training
Breakthrough Diversity Training programs that result in behavioral change.

Award-winning diversity training programs, proprietary training tools and videos, innovative diversity program designs, instructive training models, a variety of delivery systems, and the best diversity training facilitators in the business... all of this and more have built ProGroup's reputation as a leader in diversity training.

Today, we continue to set the standard in the diversity training industry. Our reputation goes beyond our training components and our ability to customize diversity training programs quickly. It's also built on our outstanding facilitators and our ability to stay current with the real diversity issues in the workplace.

Whether your diversity training need is a four-hour executive alignment session or a two-day intensive skills program, ProGroup has the expertise to develop, design, and deliver in-depth diversity training that makes a difference. That's because ProGroup focuses on behavioral change.

Every program we deliver is different because every organization is different...that's diversity.

Thousands of participants now apply our popular diversity education training models in their day-to-day activities. Some of those models are:
- Tolerance Scale®
- Awareness Spectrum®
- T.A.L.K® model

Five Success Factors for Diversity Training Initiatives
1. Diversity training should begin with executives so that they can become Champions of Diversity.

2. To the degree possible, make diversity training mandatory so you lay a foundation to build upon.

3. Focus diversity training on behaviors. ProGroup believes awareness of personal biases is a skill requiring behavior change.

4. "Get real" with diversity training, even if it delves into sensitive areas.

5. Use facilitators to deliver your diversity training who are experienced and totally prepared to handle whatever happens in a respectful manner while delivering the company's message.

ProGroup's core diversity training products and solutions include:

Executive Overviews
ProGroup engages company executives as they clarify their organization's diversity vision and create a compelling business case for a diversity training initiative. The session is based on real-time data about the organization, market, and industry.

Bottom-Line Talk About Diversity for Leaders
This direct and hard hitting diversity training workshop answers once and for all the question, "Will it be worth our investment in time and money to have a diversity initiative here?" Leaders sit down with a ProGroup consultant and, using their internal data, talk about the bottom-line impact of dealing or not dealing with diversity.

Tools of Engagement for Managers
This diversity training program is based on practical tools for managers that will increase their ability to fully engage their employees. This program is helpful in managing all employees, with special emphasis on those of diverse backgrounds. Included are tools to build skills to coach others as well as conduct courageous conversations. It features hands-on practice, feedback to build awareness, confidence, and skills for creating a productive, respectful, and diverse workplace.

Getting Real Dialogues for All Employees
Unlike typical diversity training, these in-depth dialogues across differences provide high impact and profound learning. Skillfully facilitated by ProGroup, participants take part in courageous conversations and get at the "real" and often difficult issues of a diverse workplace.

Working Together for All Employees
This hands-on diversity training workshop develops each person's awareness of his or her role and responsibility in creating and maintaining a respectful environment for coworkers and customers. Participants learn how biases and assumptions impact their behaviors and how these behaviors impact interactions with others.

C4 Workshops for Managers, Leaders, Executives
C4 (Communication, Connections, Creativity, Commitment) is a diversity training program that goes where no other program has gone. Participants from varied backgrounds come together to tell their unique stories and listen intently to each other's. ProGroup facilitators use the skills of dialogue to build trust, which leads to deeper understanding and better working relationships. Optional pairing continues the conversation for six monthly sessions.

Multicultural Teams
This diversity training program is designed to increase the effectiveness of global teams. Intercultural understanding and cultural awareness are vital when operating in a global context. Team members need cultural competence to work effectively on global teams.

Leveraging Emerging Markets
This diversity training presents a compelling message of how to drive results by more skillfully addressing the needs of the emerging market. It delivers skills to build cultural competency, including tips for communicating more effectively across language and cultural differences, cross-cultural dialogue, and identify key cultural differences that most influence sales and service to customers from emerging market populations. People leave with an action plan to increase their effectiveness.

Intercultural Communication
This highly engaging diversity training workshop develops each participant's awareness of cultural differences. Participants examine their own cultural influences and explore key cultural variables to build more effective relationships across cultures.
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