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Does diversity keep the person who is most qualified from getting the job?
Embracing diversity can increase the talent pool you draw from and raise the level of potential candidates.
What approach does ProGroup take with a new client?
The first step in our process is a planning meeting with the client to understand their goals and what brought them to us.
What separates ProGroup from its competitors?
ProGroup has been a pioneer in workplace and marketplace diversity since 1986, helping companies attract and retain employees and customers from all backgrounds.
Doesn't diversity only benefit white women?
Diversity is advantageous not only to all individuals with unique differences but to the organization as well.
How can a ProGroup training help my team communicate more effectively?
ProGroup helps companies improve interactions by fostering respectful relationships and practices.
How would hiring ProGroup help my company avoid further discrimination litigation?
ProGroup has a long history of helping companies create respectful working environments.
Diversity is a term my peers in the business community are always talking about, but I don't understand how it could possibly help my bottom line?
In creating a diverse environment, you will attract a larger client base and ultimately increase your bottom line.
How can ProGroup help our internal trainers become more comfortable training our diverse new hires?
ProGroup has created vast resources to help your trainers effectively train your diverse employees.
I have a lot of diverse people in my life. Isn't that enough? Why would a person in my situation need diversity training?
Diversity training moves diversity from a face-value situation to appreciating and leveraging differences.
Is it possible to truly change the way people feel about others through diversity classes?
At ProGroup we focus on changing actions, a process that begins by identifying a need for improvement.
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